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Overzichtstentoonstelling van het werk van Yuriko Taniguchi (1968-2016) (Lange zaal, Hoge zaal)

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'De kunstenaar vertelt': zondag 9 juli: exposanten vertellen over hun werk
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The eye of Yuriko

How many of us really knew her?

She had many friends - if you ask them

who she was, you will get many different

answers. All would agree that she was a

loving person, funny, humorous, passionate,

strong, vulnerable, curious, and most

of all she had a 'lust for life'.

How many of us fully understand her complex

background in another culture?

A stranger in a foreign country: her fear,

her thirst for love, her struggle for freedom?

Yuriko was born in a wealthy, conservative,

old traditional Japanese family near Kobe.

Her mother was the daughter of Ichiro Tsuneoka,

a well-known spiritual leader.

Her mother¬ married the head clan of the Taniguchi family.

Yuriko lost her mother when she was 13.

Yuriko came to Holland first as an au pair, then studied art at the

Rietveld academy. She was creative until her last days, having

left a thousand works behind.

How many of us knew her thoughts behind her drawings?

A bird with a cat mask:

"a bird is scared of a cat. So why not wear a cat mask".

A rabbit, the first thing she bought with her own money as a

child; a symbol of freedom.

An apple and a snake:

"why do you interpret that Adam and Eve were kicked out of

paradise - they got freedom, now they can find their own way".

Birth and Death must have been her theme: "a new born baby

already carries death within".

After ten years struggling against her cancer, she was finally

peaceful when she passed away in the arms of those she loved.

Yuriko Taniguchi 29 augustus 1968 - 1 juli 2016